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Who We Serve

ABA Access Academy provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children 1 to 18 years of age on the autism spectrum and related disorders within the Portland Metropolitan area.  We serve children who have mild to moderate challenging behaviors, however, children with severe/high-intensity self-injurious or significant aggressive behaviors may be referred to other resources.

Home-Based Therapy

Therapy is provided in-home in a 1:1 with the client and therapist. Our BCBAs use a variety of intervention methods, making sure that therapy is provided in a way that is enjoyable for the client. We request that a quiet room with a table and chairs be provided as the main setting for therapy; though, therapy may also occur in other parts of the home and through a variety of play. An adult must be present within the home but is not required to participate during the entirety of the session. 

Community-Based Therapy 
Depending on the child's need, along with insurance approval, therapy can occur within the community. Therapy within the community would occur in areas with socially significant behavioral needs. Examples include working on exploring a playground, the rigidity of particular environments, or following safety commands in novel environments, and so forth. 
Caregiver Consultation and Training

Parent consultations will be a part of your child's therapy and can occur with or without the child present. Consultations can happen monthly or quarterly depending on the need of the family. During parent consultations, parents will learn about ABA principles, their child's progress, current behavioral/developmental concerns or any other topic that would benefit the client's progress or the family in regards to ABA. 

Service Hours

Services are provided Monday through Friday, 8:30 am-7:30 pm. Therapy sessions are provided on a weekly basis. Days/times are subject to staff availability. Please note, evening sessions are the most sought-after and tend to fill quickly. ABA services provided by ABA Access Academy are an intensive model. Clients are expected to be scheduled for a minimum of 4 therapy sessions per week (~10 hours per week) to maintain services unless the BCBA determines otherwise. Services are provided in a block schedule format.

ABA Service Requirements

The following needs to be provided in order to qualify for ABA therapy services with your insurance provider: 

• Medical autism diagnosis report. An educational diagnosis does not qualify for insurance-based services.

• Referral for ABA. This is usually stated within the diagnostic report but can also be obtained from a physician. 

• Participating insurance with ABA benefits. Clients with a non-participating insurance may still be eligible through out-of-network benefits or private pay.

Services Request Process

-Fill out the services request form, found here

-ABA Access Academy Behavioral Therapist will contact you within 10 business days via email. 

-Potential clients will have a meeting to make sure ABA Access Academy is an appropriate fit for their needs.  

-An Intake Assessment will be scheduled and a potential therapy schedule will be submitted to the family. 

-A treatment plan will be created and submitted to insurance for approval. The therapy schedule will be finalized.

-Once approval is received from insurance, weekly therapy sessions will start. 

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